Bulk Cement

Bulk Cement – Dong Son Cement Distributor: We utilize the modern technology lines & materials in the best way. Clinker & Cement Products have high quality, content of hazardous impurities such as MgO & total low alkalinity (R2O). Our products meet all the most severe technical requirements of Vietnam standards & International Standards ASTM, BS EN.

  • PC50 & PCB40 Industrial Long Son Cement has high early strength (R3 & R7), which enables to push up the construction progress and save construction costs.
  • Time for cement setting process of Long Son Cement products are prolonged, which ensures time to deliver the commercial concrete to the far projects.
  • The content of free lime & low MgO in the cement is low (<1%), therefore, its volume isn’t expanded after construction and there’s no cracking phenomenon of concrete products using Long Son cement after being taken into use.
  • Total R2O alkali content in cement is very low (<0.5%) , which eliminates the causes of corrosion & demolition of concrete structure and increases the sustainability of concrete.


No. Characteristic  Units Typical Test result          TCVN 2682:2009 PC 50 specified
01 Fineness
Speunitcific surface cm2/g 3750 Min. 2800
0.09mm residue % 0.5 Max. 10
02 Soundness mm 1.40 Max. 10
 Le Chatelier test (Le Chaterlier)
03 Standard Consistence % 27.4
04 Setting time
Initial set min 160 Min. 45 min
Final set min 180 Max. 420 min
05 Compressive strength
03 days N/mm2 30.5 Min. 25
28 days N/mm2 57.0 Min. 50
06  (Magnesium oxide – MgO in cement ) % 1.00
07 S03 content % 2.30 Max. 3.5
08 Free-CaO  % 0.60