5 Best No-Nonsense Custom Digital Marketing Services

At best, digital marketing services drive organic traffic to the target website. These services lead to an increased conversion rate and better engagement metrics for the web pages. Any e-commerce company seeking to corner its niche market will do great to put up a website that’s responsive to the needs of their clients and represent their brand correctly. They must remember that their target audience will always appreciate landing on a site that will help them with their intent. Sites must establish their expertise, authority, and trustworthiness to entice clients to visit them continuously. 

Local businesses can also expand their reach and operations if they work with SEO agencies. These savvy firms can assist these businesses in establishing a foothold in the digital platform through listing management software. The software allows the company to record and update store information online, allowing people to find them accurately. This will also help address local SEO concerns to boost their online presence for their geographically identified audience. 

There are other custom marketing services that an e-commerce site can utilize to expand its reach and improve its engagement. Let’s explore them in this article.

  1. Display ads

With millions of users browsing different sites per second, a display advertising scheme will help an e-commerce site increase its visibility. The service targets a general audience and could either be static, images, or animated, using a mix of photos, videos, and moving texts. 

These ads can run on popular websites or smaller blog sites. It works in different niches as it can pass off as part of the page architecture. However, it still does a great job of promoting and driving organic traffic to the sites. It can influence new and returning customers to visit the page, and with a compelling call-to-action and various enticements, the engagement and conversion rates receive an uptick. 

Display ads should always be dynamic because the browsing public will get tired of seeing the same thing repeatedly. Therefore, there should be a regular rotation of advertisements and formats to entice more people.

  1. Social media advertising

Maintaining a social media platform presence is also critical to any e-commerce site. With more and more people logging in daily to their social media accounts, it’s an opportunity to tap into. Companies can use advertisements, social media influencers, and promos to ensure that there’s a continuous buzz that’ll drive people to their site. With minimal fees, the campaign can drive numerous people throughout the day to their site. 

  1. Pay-per-click

Pay-per-click advertising is one of the most versatile schemes available for e-commerce stores. The advertiser rents virtual ad space on a publisher’s site and pays them whenever a user clicks on their advertisement. This funnels an interested section of the audience to their site, where they have the chance to convert them from browsers to paying clients. The model works because with minimal fees funneling interested clients, there’s a big chance of a conversion. 

  1. Email marketing 

When people consent to receive push notifications and emails, this opens an avenue for businesses to send them personalized advertisements. With a higher return of investment since the target audience has been identified and segmented, this scheme offers a higher success rate. This also opens an opportunity for remarketing campaigns, especially for non-buyers or return clients. With the right enticements in the email blast, conversion rates will surely increase. 

  1. Content marketing 

In this scheme, a company provides its target audience with informative content such as images, videos, and articles to stimulate their interest. These content materials can then funnel the audience to the sites, which will help convince them to perform the intended action. 

With the right enticements and strategies, content marketing will help your site increase its engagement and conversion. 


Custom digital marketing schemes help e-commerce sites increase brand and name recognition and awareness, and engagement. They help the sites increase their conversion rates which leads to better sales performance. With these strategies, the return of investment is better because they target specific segments of the browsing public.