Duplex Home Designs

A dual occupancy home is a combination residential property designed for more than one occupant. In most cases, a dual occupancy home will have two separate housing facilities on the same property. Dual occupancy homes often contain a loft, recreational area, patio, detached workshop, or other similar amenity.

A dual occupancy home offers an array of benefits. It can save a lot of money on utilities, as well as provide a higher resale value. It also allows the homeowner to stay in only one house, while still benefiting from the rental income. Dual occupancy home building can take place on a single block, on a part of a multi-block site, or it may consist of multiple dwellings that are connected by stairwells, driveways, or laneways.

Residential properties that consist of one unit can be bought for considerably less than those homes that feature two units. This lower cost is often the result of reduced construction costs when a property is planned for dual occupancy. When a single family dwelling is planned for a multi-family setting, there is a need to renovate each individual unit to make it livable for a multi-family setting. In these cases, less time and money are spent on designing and constructing each unit of housing. On the other hand, dual occupancy home designs frequently include features that allow each unit to be finished as a complete dwelling with a full kitchen, bath, laundry room, and garage, as well as the more common features of living areas, parlors, and bedrooms.

In some cases, two dwellings on the same block of land may be built. For example, in many urban areas it may be possible to locate a row of homes that share a common wall. In such cases, the units are classified as one unit and are built close together. In these instances, the units are usually designed so that each unit will be finished with a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.

In addition to the two units that are located on the same block of land, some duplex designs incorporate two types of dwellings on the same property. In some duplex designs, two houses share the same kitchen, bathroom, and other amenities while another house has its own kitchen and bathroom. In other cases, these houses share some common features but are separated by a walkway or other internal entrance. duplex designs may also include single and dual key entry doors.

Another way that some dual occupancy home designs are completed is by combining two houses on the same block of land. The duplex design may feature a ranch style house on one side of the block, while a single dwelling may be constructed on the opposite side of the block. In some cases, the duplex dwelling combines the features of both homes on the same block of land. In other instances, only the single dwelling may be seen on the block of land. These combinations allow duplex home designs to share block space but still allow each dwelling to have an individual style.

Other ways that two dwellings on the same block of land can be mixed together is through architectural designs. In some cases, the architectural designs will complement one another. In other cases, these designs will clash. These elements must be considered when designing duplex home designs.

Designing new homes that incorporate two dwellings on the same block requires that you pay attention to how the house footprint looks. The size and shape of the blocks must match. The position of windows and doors must be taken into consideration. By considering these elements, you can create new designs that maximize the benefits of a duplex dwelling and minimize the problems associated with it.


Duplex Home Designs

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