New Silent Auction Ideas for Displaying Your Jewelry

Auction volunteers looking for creative approaches to display rings in the silent public sale will recognize this technique.

Most often I see necklaces draped over a container. Sometimes it is the same box the piece could be packaged inside while sent home later with the prevailing bidder.

Boxes work well enough, but I lately noticed a couple of different silent public sale thoughts you could use for displays.

Anyone who has heard me communicate is aware of that my heritage became running in company advertising and income. I’m constantly pulling ideas from that realm into the auction. This modern thought is no exception. In a current catalog, I spotted more than one innovative displays such as a necklace in a massive shell and a necklace draped round a vase.

Shells to show off jewelry

If you test with your volunteers, clearly one has a massive scallop shell sitting in their home. A lovely scallop shell is a lovely way to border an stylish necklace or  elementary school silent auction ideas  bracelet. Curl the necklace into the shell in a serpentine form or placed the clasp place of the necklace into the shell and allow the piece randomly curl out from the shell toward the quit of your silent auction table.

Similarly I’d bet a conch shell could also be an appealing base for your silent public sale display. You may want to use the nubby and pointy components of the shell to raise a hoop, bracelet, or different piece.

Using shells to present your jewelry would be in particular apropos if your public sale subject is associated with the seashore.

Vases to present valuables

Who would not have a pleasing vase sitting at home? Let’s positioned it to work!

A tall vase will permit a protracted necklace to be displayed vertically. With a chunk of tape to comfy the necklace around the neck of the vase, your former flower vessel can now function a useful and quite way to activate an extended strand of pearls, stones, or glittery diamonds.

If your vase has an extended, skinny neck, slide a bracelet or a stretchy-banded ring over the pinnacle. This type of vase also serves to elevate the jewelry toward your bidder’s eye-degree.

Ultimately, we want to display your donated public sale items of their pleasant mild. Your guests are visible creatures. When your items are attractively displayed, they look better and turn out to be more applicable. This translates into higher bids on your items.

For photos of those silent public sale ideas in action, visit the link below.

In addition to presenting how-to articles for public sale volunteers, benefit auctioneer Sherry Truhlar affords motion pictures with pictures of new ideas. Watch the video complementing t