The Ultimate Guide for Web Image Optimizing

Whether you have an amazing design, theme and font but don’t have beautiful images. Then your website will not look perfect. 

But make sure to upload quality images in less amount. Moreover, you should upload the image according to the guidelines. This way, you may maximize the performance of the website.  You must keep in mind that the performance of the site is based on visitors and search engines. Follow these tips provided by eclincher to know how to increase your business at Instagram using images!

Best Image Size for Web Images

Commonly you need to upload an image of almost 500 KB or less on the site. The limit of the image must be 20 MB. 

Moreover, the width of the photo must be 1500 and 2500 pixels for the computer. But for mobile phones, the width must be 640 and 320 pixels. 

It is also possible for you to use the optimization tool. This way, you may minimize the image size but maintain its quality. 

Why You Have To Optimize Your Website Images

The optimization of the image not only enhances the website performance. It also:

  • Minimize the bouncing rates
  • Improve the conversion rates
  • Improve user experience
  • Require less storage space
  • Boost the speed of the site
  • Help to rank the site on the search results


The best way to optimize the photo is to minimize its size. But make sure to maintain the quality of the photo. You must know that an image may make or break the site. So you must upload quality but less images on the site.